Create a project with Qibuild for NAO

  • This tutorial assumes that RAPP API is installed and built
  • This tutorial uses the 0.7.0 version of the C++ API
  • This tutorial assumes that Qibuild is installed

This is a simple tutorial for creating a project with Qibuild.

First, we create the workspace. In our case we create helloworld/. Second, we get into the folder created and we use the next command:

qibuild init
qisrc add helloworld

A folder with that name has been created and inside there are a CMakeLists.txt, main.cpp, qiproject.xml and a test.cpp

The next steps are necessary for compile the project with the toolchain of NAOqi. The toolchain file it's necessary when cross-compiling with CMake. The toolchain of NAOqi must be in the naoqi-sdk folder.

qitoolchain create cross-atom /path/to/the/toolchain.xml
qibuild add-config cross-atom --toolchain cross-atom

The first command create the toolchain cross-atom and the second one associate the toolchain with the build configuration.


For compile and build our project are the next commands:

qibuild configure -c cross-atom
qibuild make -c cross-atom 

NOTE: When you use RAPP API with Aldebaran libraries you have to specify in the CMakeLists.txt the next command:

set(CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS "-std=gnu++1y")

Instead of "-std=c++1y".

You'll find two examples:

  • Helloworld: In this example NAO tell us the services that RAPP offers
  • Face detection: In this example you can take a picture with NAO camera and use RAPP for detecting faces in that picture.